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Our wide range of maintenance chemicals, for fuel oil treatment, general cleaners & water treatment. Regarding ARMI Chemical, we are proud that PT. TUV Nord Indonesia hereby certifies in accordance with its certification procedures that PT. Era Asta Marin Nusantara has established and applies a quality system for design and manufacture of chemical products for maintenance, cleaner and lubricant on industrial, oil company and ship.

 KAJ is our full range of oil spill response and marine equpment and other ancillary equipment. They consists of Containment Boom, Boom Reels, Muti-Purpose Power Pack, Beach Vacuum System, Skimmer, Beach Dispersant Spray Systems and Shipboard Dispersant Spray System.

 Today, spill response, and the resultant waste to be disposed of, are governed by regulations to protect both people and the environment.  Compliance with these regulations is generally met through the use of commercial absorbents or spill response kits.  Kits should contain: high performance absorbents, personal protective equipment, written response procedures/guidelines and accessories to ensure proper storage and disposal of spill wastes. Enretech offer a range of spill response products that comply with current legislation and standards.

TEKNO Product exists  in water treatment services market since 1976. Through the research and development, with experiences during the passed years, we are proud to place our product, to be the one Water Treatment Product which could provide an appropriate formula and system to overcome very serious Water Treatment Problems in Indonesia, particularly against the scale build-up, various types of corrosion and the growth of microorganism, in most of the water operating systems. Those could be primary in the Water Purification System (Water Treatment Plant), Water transportation piping system, Desalination unit, Boiler and Cooling water system.


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